Supercharge your summer!

Summer is the perfect time to work on those pesky issues that make school so much harder. By boosting attention and focus, reducing anxiety, and even decreasing headaches and migraines now, you can set yourself or your child up for their best school year yet! Check out all of our non-clinical programs that can help with these concerns and many more! I'm always happy to chat and answer any questions that come up. Have a wonderful summer!


The absolute best part of my job is hearing how neurofeedback has changed lives, not just for the participant, but their families as well. I'm so thankful to work with such amazing people! If you have any thoughts to share I'd love to hear them!


Another incredible review came in to me today...Thank you Russ!

"Ever since I completed neurofeedback for my poor attention, I have been noticing more over all attention to details. My ability to remember things is better, and I am now able to complete tasks instead of stopping in the middle of things. The treatment helped me perform without any medications for ADHD. I want to thank the staff members, and I would seriously recommend this treatment for anyone that suffers from anything on the spectrum of mental health." - Russ age 32

Thank you everyone, and please keep sharing!


I wanted to share this reflection that Meghan just sent me. We are so thrilled you have had such amazing results and sincerely appreciate your comments!

"Neurofeedback with Northwest Neurofeedback has dramatically changed our lives! After just a few sessions, we were able to see incredible improvements in our 8 year old daughter, who has an autism and ADHD diagnosis. Her focus lasted longer, she was more engaged with others and projects, she made conversation with more than just 1 to 2 word answers, she was more calm and less impulsive, and she seemed more happy and confident! Even after our sessions have been completed, we are still continuing to see neurological and developmental growth in her! We are forever grateful for our wise and helpful team at Northwest Neurofeedback!"                   - Meghan

Summer is coming!

We are starting to schedule neurofeedback into summer, so be sure to call soon to book your sessions before they are filled. Elaine and I are looking forward to spending an awesome summer with all of you!